Budapest Hostels

Njoy Budapest Hostel
With it being just a four minute walk from the nearest metro station, there will be no problems in you getting to the Njoy Budapest Hostel thanks to its more central location. However, there is more to this hostel than just being located in the heart of the city. More Info

Corvin Point Hostel
The hostel has seven rooms with it being a mixture of a hostel and apartments and that choice does just make things a little bit easier for you when it comes to your options. However, each one is rather elegantly furnished although some would argue that it was still relatively basic but the main thing is that it is clean and the beds are comfortable. More Info

Yolo Hostel
Yolo Hostel boasts of well furnished spacious rooms with tiled floors. Inside the rooms, there is a fan and either a private or shared bathroom depending on the clients’ choice. There are double rooms with shared bathrooms or double rooms with private bathrooms. More Info

Art Photography Hostel
Furthermore, they take storage and security seriously here leading to there being various options available including safety deposit boxes if you really are worried about anything going missing. The Art Photography Hostel is very well run from start to finish along with it having spacious rooms even in the dorms where 6 beds can fit in quite comfortably. More Info

Emerald Ensuites Hostel
Well, this hostel is not only unique in service and comfort but it is also one of the best in terms of facilities, location, hygiene and value for money. Come to Emreald Ensuites for a life time experience. Booking is easy, simply secure yours online and also read the excellent customer reviews for avoidance of doubt. More Info