I spoiled myself with a Single room at zsofis hostel and it really was worth it. The private rooms are brand new and separate from the dorms, which made them very quiet. The Hostel is in the middle of The city in a beeeaaaauuutiful old house, very impressive. Zsofi is very nice. I got free maps and coffee. Would def. recommend it!

May 31, 2016

I had an awesome experience there, it is the best place in Budapest for the price, everything is very clean, the staff were just cleaning every time and they are very cool people, but the best is the internet, it is hard to find good internet in hostel, but I just the best one there, it works very well and very fast, so with you are like me and is in Budapest to work I highly recommend

Felipe B
April 4, 2016

This place was amazing, the location was perfect for seeing the entirety of budapest. It's a very laid back place where you get to meet all different kinds of interesting people, not to mention some of the best staff! Me and my friends had a blast here, rooms were spacious and the hostel did a very good job of making our stay here unforgettable

Rahul B
March 23, 2016

I was worried because we paid very little and i thought that i could be a bad place, but when we arrived there and i saw that huge room, with that gentle service, good kitchen and clean and well located, like a little palace. Just a bit cold. We were super happy during our stay in Budapest! and we highly recommend Zsofi's house!!!!

Bea V
March 5, 2016

The hostel is nice, the staff is also very helpful. The beds are comfy and we all had a good sleep. The only problem was with some other rude guests who were stalking in our room. We had the room for 4 people and the doors were glass doors and that was a problem. Everything else was fine.

November 13, 2015

This hostel is one first-floor unit of a huge old multi-level high-street building that is currently undergoing major restoration, complete with its own sky-scraper crane smack in the middle of the inner courtyard. This October, Zsofi's House is about to have new electrics (presumably to meet upgrade requirements for the whole building). Dodgy electrics means no kettle but instead a heated saurcepan of hot water each and every time. This, and the absence of a toaster, tested my initial resolve but surprisingly, the routine of boiling water and frying toast in saurcepans became a social event of asking people if they too needed a hot drink complete with waiter service!
Zsofi's troop of female staff were all very helpful in showing you how to improvise, or use their coffee pirculater, but one thing they couldn't do was suppy egg cups, and so it was that my day was dedicated to egg cups until I found them across the road from Terror House Museum!
Zsofi has assured her guests that new electics will be installed soon and so the humble kettle will be re-commissioned.

I never found the four bedded room, but did see two five bedded rooms and also an extra sixth bed added during a fly-by-night visit one Friday so be warned about the number of beds you think you might get in your dorm. Some beds are nice and cosy, whilst another was way to firm to offer me a night's sleep.

Zsofi's House will provide:
Good location to Train station, Metro and bus stops, not least the Buda Castle, Parliament building, and the Danube all jst minutes away via the No 2 Tram.
Shopping and cinema @ West End.
The usual bars, fast food, Aldi closeby and a Jazz Club.
Nice sized bathrooms with shiney-new basins and taps and quailty shower attachments, room to move around, and hot water.
Clean linen to beds, although the pillows I had could do with replacing.
Two cosy settees for relaxation.
Wi-Fi that works, but we had to re-boot router now and then.
Decent dining area.
Big spacious bedrooms.
A peaceful setting without music being forced on you regardless of taste.
There are also smallish purpose built lockers for valuables ( not rucksacks) that come complete with key.
Definately worth considering.

October 22, 2015

We did not receive a map or any recommendations about what to do in the city, which would have been helpful. We were also here during a national holiday, unbeknownst to us, and this would've been a nice thing for the staff to mention to us. The staff also failed to enforce quiet hours. The directions to the hostel were very unclear and could use with revision. The accommodations were nice since there were no bunk beds and the space was pretty open.

August 17, 2014

Unfortunately I arrived a bit late ,but still the staff was really helpful.The location of the hostel excellent,the breakfast awesome.Reasonable price,it is the best place if you want to save ,but still stay at place where you feel safe and comfortable.2Thumbs up.

January 5, 2014

Best hostel in Budapest I've stayed in. Close to station, Margit bridge (for Buda), market & Andrassy St. This is a new hostel run by Zsofi who goes out of her way to make people feel welcome. Yes you can pay a euro less closer to Erset Bridge but it will cost you this to catch a metro, plus where else will you find a huge dorm room with just four single beds (not bunks!)

September 16, 2013